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My Blissful Week

My Blissful Week

One of the reasons I started this blog was to share with others different ways I have learned to put myself and my (physical AND mental, of course) well-being first.  (and you can do it, too!!) So yes, that will mean sharing my personal life because how can I talk about what heals me if you don’t know what hurts me?

This Hottie McTottie:

Image Belongs to Fondly, Emily

…is my boyfriend Garrett. This picture is from the last time we saw each other in January.

Long story short, Garrett goes to school at the University of Illinois, and lives in my hometown, Batavia, so we do not see each other very much at all.


Image Belongs to Fondly, Emily

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Last week was extremely special because he flew in for his spring break 🙂

Image Belongs to Fondly, Emily

As Garrett and I are both extreme homebodies, we didn’t plan much for the week.  We decided to spend the first few days just relaxing at my house (the weather wasn’t very great).  Our favorite activity together is morning coffee.  We would go to the gym together, and he would give me a hard time for not eating “fun food” anymore. (Because I wouldn’t drive him to Wawa.)  But honestly, he was very supportive of me all week and even tried some of my meals.

Over winter break we started playing cards together and it’s one of our favorite things to do as well.  We went and saw Beauty and the Beast (which I loved!! go Emma Watson!! who agrees?!) and Get Out, and ate dinner with my parents most nights.  Most of our time was spent talking, though. Being that we have precisely the same sense of humor, that boy and I could talk forever.


We decided to spend the last half of the week at my Nana’s in D.C.  My dad, one of four sons, grew up in D.C., and all of his brothers and cousins (Nana has 4 younger sisters), live in the area.  The density of the people that I am related to in the DMV area is incalculable. Many of my second cousins have young children, and if you know ANYTHING about me, it’s that I love me a great kid.  I was really excited for Garrett and Nana to get to know each other more and for him to meet more of my family!!

Image Belongs to Fondly, Emily

Pictured above is me and Garrett with two of my cousins (second cousins once-removed, to be exact) whom I sometimes stay with to help their mommy out!! (They have a 7 month old sister, as well, and I just really really love kids!)  These two are intelligent, funny, and loving children, who have always been particularly playful with me.  I was afraid that they would get shy with Garrett, having just met him, but they opened up to him right away and the four of us had a blast together!

Image Belongs to Fondly, Emily

We took the metro downtown one day, because we both love it there. We were not prepared for how cold it was, though!  Quickly, we walked all the monuments and went home.

On his last night, we took the metro and walked to a little Italian restaurant in Georgetown.  It was the perfect ending to my blissful week.

Long distance relationships are hard work, but sometimes they are even better because you truly cherish every single moment together.  Now that I recharged my Garrett battery, I must rely on blissful memories like the ones we already have to hold me over until I see him again.

Fondly, Emily

P.s. How do you deal with your long distance relationship??

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  • Chris says:

    Face timing!!

  • My daughter pursued a dream she had. She went to live in New Zealand for a year. Her boyfriend, Tim, whom she met at college in Santa Cruz, CA stayed in Santa Cruz. At first, they broke up because they didn’t want to hold each other back from their dreams. He is in a pretty successful local band and is touring now all over the States. It didn’t take long to realize they wanted to work through the long distance issue. He flew to New Zealand for a 3-week trip. The rest of the time it was face time and phone calls. She is now back and they are living together, hopefully happily ever after! It can be done! Hard, but worth it when you really love someone.

Image Belongs to Fondly, Emily

Lover of fun, food, fashion, friendship, and family. (And coffee.) Just tryin’ to help ya live a happier and fuller life 🙂

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