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Go-To Breakfast

Go-To Breakfast

Eggs, Tomatoes, and Avocados.

The three major food groups of a whole food diet.  Ha!! Not really, but I do eat some version of each of these every day, and it’s usually for breakfast.

I had this for breakfast the first day I started this diet, however I scrambled my eggs instead of frying them.  I am a big texture person, and for some reason I stopped being able to stomach scrambled eggs every morning.  So now I fry them!!  Frying takes a little more effort and I still have yet to perfect the art of fried eggs (the ones in the photo were made by Mama – like I said before, she’s a pro at everything under the sun), but I find them MUCH more delicious than scrambled eggs.  Plus there’s something so appealing to me when I break the yolk and it flows over my vegetables. (I know some people don’t like a runny yolk, so I apologize, but I LOVE it!).

Add a little salt and pepper and you have my favorite meal.

Quick Tips:

We keep at least two avocados, several tomatoes, and more than a dozen eggs on hand at all time.

I usually have half an avocado at a time, and refrigerate the other half in a plastic bag until the next time I use it.  I prefer the taste of regular tomatoes, however cherry tomatoes are so much easier to cut so I usually stick to those!

Eggs are how I get most of my protein – I probably have at least two a day.  We hard-boil a batch at the beginning of every week.  They are great snacks for an extra energy boost and having them already made is great for when your sugar monster comes out.  Instead of giving into the sugar craving you can eat something healthy that you’ve ALREADY made!

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions!

Fondly, Emily

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  • Erin says:

    What’s the Whole30 rule for condiments? This breakfast looks so good but I feel like I always reach for cholula or sriracha when I make eggs!

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