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Holiday Wish List: Anthropologie

Holiday Wish List: Anthropologie

Holiday Wish List: Anthropologie

Hi friends!

I can’t believe we’re halfway to Christmas!  I wanted to come on and share another Holiday Wish List because there is just so much good stuff this year.  I have always loved Anthropologie but I struggle with how expensive it is.  A decent amount of these items are on sale so get them while the going is good!  (And by get them I mean send links to mom.)  Does anyone else do this during holiday season?!?!  I just shoot links over to my momma so she can get some gift ideas.

Speaking of, I am putting together my personal Holiday Wish List that will be out fairly soon!!  No promises on when as I have a few finals to focus on this week.  I can almost smell break!  I’m so excited to spend Christmas with my family and at some point I will be going home to Garrett!! I truly cannot wait.

Anywho, enjoy scrolling through these gift ideas.  I find it so fun to just look through the gifts sections of online stores, so this is just a condensed, less overwhelming example of that!





Gadgets & Gizmos


Self Love


For The Home


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