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Image Belongs to Fondly, EmilyImage Belongs to Fondly, EmilyImage Belongs to Fondly, EmilyImage Belongs to Fondly, EmilyImage Belongs to Fondly, EmilyImage Belongs to Fondly, EmilyImage Belongs to Fondly, EmilyImage Belongs to Fondly, EmilyImage Belongs to Fondly, EmilyImage Belongs to Fondly, EmilyImage Belongs to Fondly, EmilyImage Belongs to Fondly, EmilyImage Belongs to Fondly, Emily


I love makeup.

If you read this post, you know that (among many other things) my mom is a makeup aficionado.  I started following in her footsteps in middle school (so young, I know!!), and I’ve been hooked on makeup ever since.  I’ve seen every tutorial, know every product, have every single brush, and know all the tips and tricks.  In high school, I did a lot of my friends’ makeup for school dances or events, and a lot of the time just for fun.  I also always do my own, because I just don’t trust anyone else with my face.

You see, I have very small eyes.  With a heavy brow bone, deep set eyes, and bags that could carry a wedding gown, it tends to look like I have two black holes on my face where my eyes should be.  I also have a big mouth with even bigger lips that always seem to be chapped.  When I smile, my lips spread wiiiide across my face, and even touch my nose and chin.  So I hate wearing color on my lips as it tends to end up everywhere else except where it’s supposed to.  Although I absolutely adore makeup and creating awesome looks, I have to be very careful about the makeup I put on my face.

On the average day…

I wear foundation, concealer, bronzer & highlighter, darken my brows (always always always), mascara, and lip balm.   Since the crease in my eyelid is already so dark and deep, I stay away from enhancing it with dark eyeshadows.  Most days I don’t wear eyeshadow, and I don’t even own eyeliner.  But when I’m feeling it, I like to sweep the color “Verve” from the Naked 2 palette across my lid.


It is such a beautiful champagne-silver color, with just the right amount of shimmer.  It illuminates your lids (which is exactly what I need) and leaves you with a soft, dewy glow.  Basically what I’m saying is I try to keep the makeup that I put on my own eyelids as minimalistic as possible.  I envy other girls who look AMAZING with creative eyeshadow and fun lip colors.  I can create the look perfectly on my friends, but when I do it to myself I always feel like I look terrible and washed out.  Hello, eyes??  Are you in there?!?

But when I put on this purple shirt….

(looks pink on the website, I promise it’s purple), I was feelin’ some type of way.  Purple has been and always will be my absolute favorite color.  The color is known to encourage your creativity, calm your mind, and uplift your spirituality.  I decided I was going to create a look to match my shirt and I was going to go against everything I believed to be true about myself and my typical makeup look.  And I lowkey killed it.

The Look…

I used the color “Buzz” from the Naked 3 palette (5th from left) all over my lid with this small tapered brush from Sigma.  Next, I took the small side of the Naked palette brush, just barely touched it to “No Filter” (second row, third column) from the Tarteist Pro palette, and put it on the very outer edge of my eyelid (from lash line to crease).  The key to every eyeshadow look is blending, so I did a little back and forth of adding more Buzz with the tapered brush then more No Filter with the small brush again just to make sure there was a smooth transition.  To finish it off, I used this tapered blending brush with the color “Vintage” from the Tarte palette (second column, first row), and swept it just under my brow and down to my tear ducts to brighten the inside of my eyes and highlight my brow bone.  I used the same brush again with the same color inside my crease, just because I need as much brightness as I can get.  (Don’t do this if you have bigger lids or eyes.  Let the color show!!!)  And please, don’t forget to blend.


Last but not least for the eyes, I must share with you the secret to all my success in life.  The Holy Grail of all makeup products ever made.  The reason I wake up in the morning.  THIS freaking mascara!!!!  I could write a whole other post and give a whole tutorial on how I apply my mascara, but I have to tell you that it’s just not the same if I’m not using “Lights, Camera, Lashes”.  I’ve been using it for years.  I’ve tried to branch out and use other brands, but I always come back to my first love. Everyone else that I’ve used it on has been amazed by the results as well.  Words don’t do this product justice.  Just see for yourself and your lashes.

I bought this Urban Decay lipstick in the color “Cruz” a few months back, but haven’t worn it because I haven’t quite felt bold enough yet.  I decided to change that.  Since it was a little more neon than my shirt, I mixed it with this Tarte creamy matte lip paint in the color “birthday suit”, and I was very very happy with the results.  (By mix I mean just put the lip paint over top and rub your lips together.)

I won’t go into detail about the rest of the makeup look on the face, but I will leave all the products I use right here (the brush is directly to the right of the product with which I use it):

If you have any questions about ANY of this (or anything else at all)….DON’T HESITATE to ask!!!!!  This was a lot of info to process, so please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.  I wish I could do everyone’s makeup everyday for always, that’s how much I love doing it so just know I could talk about it for days.
Hope everyone had a kickbutt holiday weekend!!  Happy Independence!!!!  My family and I spent it at the beach house 🙂
Fondly, Emily

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Image Belongs to Fondly, Emily

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