and I couldn’t be more content. as I have been waking up before 7 every morning with my pup, I feel like this day has already been full of love and happiness.

today I cuddled with Charley Dood while drinking coffee and doing some work on my computer, I took Lover Dood on a walk in the backyard, I got to hang out with Garrett and make us an excellent egg breakfast, and then Garrett and I walked Charley Dood to Starbucks!!!!

I was shocked that Charley made it the whole way because he’s kind of a scaredy cat and turns around fairly soon after we start our walks. But he loved it!!!! It was the happiest I have seen him and he is currently STILL asleep after we brought him home. We definitely tired him out!!!

Right now Garrett and I are sitting at a sports bar with some apps and beer (since my dude turned 21 on Tuesday!!!!!) and I am typing this on my phone.

I got Garrett this pullover from ManOutfitters.com. If you’ve never heard of manoutfitters idk what you’re doing with your life. Basically, if you have no idea what to buy your man for Christmas, his birthday, or for an another reason in between, just go to manoutfitters and you can’t go wrong. It’s basically just a bunch of dudes who have curated a bunch of cool shiz for other dudes. Check it out.

My sweater and pants are Lou & Grey. I fricken love this brand. The cardigan & hat are both from LOFT. PSA: THE HAT IS CHENILLE. AND YOU NEED IT. And guess what?! They’re ALL 50% off!!!!!!!!! Use the code FRIYAY at checkout. My tennies are Cole Haan (from DSW). It was a little chillier this morning so I wore the cardigan over the sweater. And then we walked to Starbucks and I was DYING. But it’s such a beautiful day out and the sunshine is SO gorgeous!!

Ik I have been a little MIA lately. It’s been quite the adjustment with Charley Dood home!!! He requires constant attention but God do I love him. My favorite thing about him is that I am the one who wakes up with him in the morning and we get about 2 hours of just loving play time while the rest of the world sleeps. It feels so good to get outside much more as well. Fresh air is magical!!!! So are puppy kisses πŸ™‚

That’s all for now my beautiful, beautiful people.



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