OOTD 1.29.18

OOTD 1.29.18

Hey friends!

Last week full of homework and work.  I barely had time to breathe!  I apologize for not posting.  The reason I am posting Outfit of the Day’s instead of styled shoots is because it just feels so much more natural to me.  I’m not the most comfortable in front of the camera so I feel like quick photos from my phone look so much better than awkwardly posed shots.  Also, I have so much more time to run to my front porch and snap some cute photos than asking my mom to take 45 minutes to try and get some decent photos of me out in nature.  This way, I can produce more content for all of you.  So, here’s another Outfit of the Day!

Fondly, Emily

This is what I wore to work sometime last week.  You’re going to be seeing a mix of warm weather/cool weather outfits because the weather is SO crazy right now!  Yesterday I didn’t even wear a coat and clearly the day I wore this outfit was much colder than that.

One thing that I’ve been hearing a lot from people lately is “You look so comfy.”  And they’re right!  After being sick for two years straight, I NEVER want to go through my days uncomfortable.  So I just simply don’t wear clothes that fit awkward, feel itchy, or are just plain uncomfy.


Let’s start with the leggings.  I have them in two colors, a dark charcoal grey and this regular (?) grey. (They also come in army green!)  You guys.  Get them.  I got them for my best friend Erby for Christmas and I wish I could get them for everyone.  They.  Are.  Amazing!  They’re very warm but also very soft.  The company calls them “Fab Cozy Leggings” so if that doesn’t tell you they’re cozy then idk what will.  My favorite part is that they have a cuff on the bottom (covered by my socks) so they don’t look just like regular leggings.  It’s the details that matter!

Fondly, Emily

Moving on to the shirt.  I got this right after Christmas during all the sales that stores have.  So it is no longer online but I will link a similar one here.  The shirt is a part of American Eagle’s “Soft & Sexy” line.  (Do you see a trend in the clothing I wear?)  And let me tell you, it’s pretty dang soft.  I actually got a little hot a work later that day and took my jacket off, and it looked like I was wearing pajamas.  That’s how cozy this outfit is.

This scarf is from Urban and I am totally in love with it!!  It feels like a cloud.  I also wore it with this outfit and talked about how much I love it in that post.

Last but not least I have the jacket and my booties.  They are coming out with more colors and matte version of the boots and I love it!  I’m so glad I put them on my Christmas list!!

Fondly, Emily

Alright guys, off to studying and then work tonight!  Hope this semester is going well and if you’re not in school I’m so jealous and hope your life is beautiful!

Have a good Monday xoxo



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