Holiday Wish List: American Eagle

Holiday Wish List: American Eagle

we’re back with another holiday wish list!! i absolutely love american eagle and everything they sell.  they have so much on sale right now – actually i’m pretty sure almost everything in here is 40% off!!

i included a lot in this wish list because there was just so much to choose from – so many different styles that every single one of you will find something you like.  i also decided to stick to clothing in this one because sometimes the random products just get, well, random.  make sure you take the time to scroll through the “buncha random things” list at the bottom – there are some hidden gems!!! and the prices 😱 can’t be beat!!!

one last thing…almost everything comes in numerous colors, so be sure to click and see the other colors before you dismiss it!!! i don’t know why it doesn’t let me put the same product in different colors.

happy shopping!!! (and by shopping i mean sending links to your mom 😉)




Some Cute Tops

A Buncha Random Things  

see you on sweater saturday 🙂

Holiday Wish List: Urban Outfitters

Holiday Wish List: Urban Outfitters

Hi friends! It’s that time of the year again.  When your mom, godparents, grandparents, friends, boyfriend and every other person in your life starts asking what you’d…

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