What is up you beautiful people?!  I just typed the title of this post and not gonna lie I put “2.8.15” at first.  Why do I still think it’s 2015?  Does anyone else feel like that?  On another note, I wore this outfit to work the other day.  I felt so good in it.  Does anyone else have those days where they just feel SO confident?  Very rarely do I get them so I was taking FULL advantage of it.

Fondly, EmilyFondly, Emily

On Tuesday, I posted a photo on my Instagram after I got home from taking my first test of the semester.  I cut off my face in the photo (because I looked like I hadn’t slept in weeks) but I left my lips in because I wanted to show the world my cold sores and address them.  Ever since I contracted mono two years ago, I have had about 20+ cold sore flare-ups.  Even when the blisters heal, the skin has suffered so much that it has just gone completely numb. At this point, literally anything causes a flare up (see instagram caption) and it’s extremely frustrating….

Fondly, EmilyFondly, Emily

I get so embarrassed too.  The blisters scab over and the scab takes weeks to heal/fall off.  How nasty is that?  Just this oozing, scabby blister right in the middle of my face.  Like my huge lips don’t draw enough attention.  I tend to hide away and stop trying to “look good” when I have a flare up.  Putting make up on doesn’t do it any good and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to cover up.  I always feel SO gross!

Fondly, EmilyFondly, Emily

But for some reason, the day I wore this outfit, I just felt so good.  It was smack in the middle of the current flare-up that I’m still dealing with.  I just wanted to say “SCREW IT” to the herpes gods and tell them that they don’t control my life!!  And there are SO many things in life that we can’t control.  The only thing I have power over is my attitude.  I can either get upset or stressed about my little friend Herp (and make him bigger and worse when I do) or I can take a deep breath, accept that he is never going to leave me alone, and move on with my days.

Fondly, Emily

The biggest thing I need to work on in life is my attitude.  I will be the first to say it.  It’s hard for me to be positive and happy and accept life for what it is – but I’m trying so hard.  Each day I feel myself taking baby steps, though, and that’s all that matters!  Like I said in my New Year’s post, it’s all about the small things!  There is so much to enjoy in life.  I just need to open my eyes.

Here’s to the baby steps, my friends!




OOTD 1.29.18

OOTD 1.29.18

Hey friends! Last week full of homework and work.  I barely had time to breathe!  I apologize for not posting.  The reason I am posting Outfit of…

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