hey friends

it’s been a hot sec.  i’ve been really uninspired lately.  idk why.  :/

i wanted to come on before Christmas and share what exactly i’m asking for.

so, here goes….

Hunter Booties 


I don’t have a good pair of booties.  I’m justifying the price of these ones by their practical use as well as how fricken cute they are.

Sherpa Pullover


These are all the craze lately and you can tell why.  I specifically asked for the much cheaper A&F one in two colors.  (A&F has many more color options as well, but that pink Nordstrom one is just too cute to not include.)

A Camera Detail

yes, i know.  so lame.  but i sure as heck can’t afford one at the moment and my camera needs some lovin’ for sure.

Wireless Speaker

don’t ask why i don’t have one already.  couldn’t tell ya.  but i love the wood on this one and will definitely take this to a future apartment of mine!

These Vans


oh look.  another pair of sneakers.  who woulda thought.

Curling Iron


Hi Rise Boyfriend Jeans


yeah again i don’t know why i don’t have a pair already.

That’s it!

i’m not asking for much because #adulting.  (and I truly don’t NEED anything!!)  I’m sure my mom has a couple of surprises up her sleeve because isn’t that how it always turns out?!

I am so glad to be done with this semester!!!  I can’t wait to just relax for the next month 🙂

Hope everyone’s semesters ended well and that you all got back home safely!

Happy Hanukkah!




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