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That last picture is me tucking in the hanger straps 😂.  My mom and I didn’t realize until the very end that they were sticking out!  Story of my life.

This was such an eventful and amazing weekend!!  On Friday, my parents and I drove down to my Nana’s in D.C. (Learn more about my family’s relation to D.C. here ).  My two older brothers, Brady and Zachary, whom I haven’t seen since they were home for Christmas, flew in as well!  I was so excited to see them.  The five of us went out to dinner with Nana and three of Brady’s friends.

We weren’t quite sure how quickly we would get down to DC due to Friday afternoon traffic, so my mom said I should be dressed for dinner.  That’s why my shirt is so wrinkly!!  Anyways, I absolutely love blue + white together for summer.  Most of my wardrobe is blue hues, so of course I had to get this top when I saw it.  It goes perfectly with plain white pants!  I paired the top with this adorable choker.  I love the edginess of the choker mixed with the feminine daisies.  The choker and the top together will make your collar bones POP like no other.  (Also I loved the sleeves on this top in particular, that’s why I kept sticking my arms out like that!!😂)

OK back to my weekend.  Saturday was one of the most memorable days.  It was the last time my Grandad & Nin’s horses would be competing in a steeplechase.  The Gold Cup also honored my Grandad, who passed away at the beginning of January.  All of the cousins (who could make it), my Grandad’s sister and her husband, and Grandad & Nin’s closest friends were there.  And the aunts and uncles of course.  It was so great to see everyone and support my Nin 🙂

Saturday was also one of the most rainiest days.  The Gold Cup is held in this massively sprawling grass field, but with all the people there it turned into a mud field.  I was so excited to go to the races and get all these great photos, but I didn’t take my camera out once because of the rain!  We had so much fun regardless. My godfather and I bought cigars, and everyone brought so much food and champagne no one was complaining!

For months we have been hyping this day.  We were so amped to see the two horses, Dr. Skip and Easy Exit, run their final race.  However, a week and a half ago Dr. Skip got injured in training and couldn’t race.  So it was just down to Easy Exit.  He was the third race, and when they were lining up the horses, my cousins and I started walking to the finish line.  (Keep in mind I said this was a huge grass field.  You can’t even see the horses during half the race that’s how big this place is.)  So we’re walking over and we hear the over the intercom the horse’s names being announced, and then they were set off.  We still can’t see much but we weren’t worried because we would see Easy Exit finish.  Then, all of a sudden, we hear “And Easy Exit with the late scratch!”  The horse wouldn’t go.  He froze at the fricken gate!!!  How absurd is that.

If I were my Nin, I would’ve been cursing out the wazoo.  But when we finally got to her she said, “I think that’s Charley telling me that we really are done with racing!” (There was only one curse word said after that.)  She was so graceful and positive.  So we all just laughed it off and went back to tailgating.  It was too great of a day to be disappointed!  Grandad would’ve wanted the party to go on.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend too.  Cheers everyone!

Fondly, Emily

Image Belongs to Fondly, Emily

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  • Ada says:

    Hi Emily, Ada here. Glad I found your blog. Love the name of it. I am a huge fan of blue+white stripes and off-shoulder blouses. Love yours with the white jeans. I just recently purchased a very similar bell-sleeve top. Those patterned sneakers are the cutest!

    Hope you enjoyed Mother’s day weekend! I welcome you to stop by my blog and join my Thursday Moda linkup on Thursdays. It goes live every Wednesday night (tomorrow) at 6.00 PM EST. Thank you. =)

    Ada. =)

    • Emily says:

      Thank you so much, Ada!!! Where can I find your blog?? I am out of town right now so not able to access a laptop but I’d love to check out your blog anyways!!

Image Belongs to Fondly, Emily

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