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How to Snack on a Whole Food Lifestyle

How to Snack on a Whole Food Lifestyle

How to Snack on a Whole Food Lifestyle

With a semester off from school comes a lot of time, and time allows for new things to be tried.  About a month ago, my mom and I started the Whole30 diet.  We started eating nothing but whole meats, whole fruits, and whole veggies.

The program is simple.  Here you can find the complete list of rules, but I will sum it up:

No dairy, no grains, no legumes, no added sugar, no alcohol.

Sooooo what CAN I eat?  It’s simple: protein, protein, protein! (and fruits and veggies)

Now, don’t get me wrong – this was not a walk in the park. I LOVED my food the way it was.  How do I drink coffee with out cream and sugar?  I can’t just have a few Cheez-its???  No cheese on my burger?!  No bun?!?!?

I really didn’t think I was going to be able to do this.

The first week was extremely hard.  The program refers to your “sugar monster” and how crazy it goes when deprived of sugar.  I didn’t realize how much sugar I was having until I stopped.  I craaaaaved cake – I don’t even like cake!  But after the first week, the cravings went away.

My biggest concern was how to eat snacks. The meals are fairly easy – you can cook meat and veggies in so many different ways!  But I was really worried about what I could snack on. I used to be able to eat a whole box of cheez its if I wanted and now when I felt the urge to snack on something nothing that I wanted I could have!


Fruit is your best friend if you’re a snacker like me.  The best part about fruit is that it is already portioned for you, so you can just grab one apple, one orange, one banana, and go!  Berries and grapes are great as well.  Just take about a handful!

Since I was also a salty gal, I have taken to mixed nuts.  You just have to be sure to find a mix without peanuts, because they are legumes! (Yes, you can’t eat peanut butter D: ) I usually eat about a handful of nuts when I’m hungry and that will fill me up!

It’s amazing how full you get when you eat whole food.  Like I said, I could down a box of cheez-its in one sitting but I can get full after one clementine and a few nuts.

You will hear much, much more from about whole foods in the future, so come back for more 🙂

Enjoy your day!

Fondly, Emily


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